Tuesday , October 17 2017

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Girl With One Arm Pulls Off Best Halloween Costume Ever

Share this on WhatsAppA woman who lost her right arm in an moped accident created the best and wittiest Halloween costume. Lauren previously went viral for posting the most hilarious Tinder bio taking the piss out of her own arm, or lack there of, melting the hearts of many. Now, in the …

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Scientists See Two Stars Crashing So Hard The Whole Universe Wobbled

Share this on WhatsAppTwo stars slammed into each other sending out ‘huge amounts of gold’ in an alchemical explosion causing the universe to ‘wobble’ scientists said. On 17th August, the neutron stars collided 130 million light years away, expelling ‘precious metals’ and elements such as ‘platinum and uranium’, in turn …

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Urgent Warning Issued Over Deadly Red Sun

Share this on WhatsAppThought the clouds of Saharan dust blown in by Hurricane Ophelia to the UK was just “kinda cool”? Did you turn to your friend and say, “It’s like a movie or something… an Instagram filter from 2011”? Big mistake. You should be talking about bodily symptoms. That’s …

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New North Korean Weapon Could Kill 90% Of Americans Expert Warns

Share this on WhatsAppAmerican congress has been warned how a newly-developed weapon from North Korea has the power to wipe out a vast proportion of the American population within a year. This dark warning came from two members of the, now disbanded, congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) commission, speaking at a …

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Thousands Share Sexual Harassment Stories With #MeToo Hashtag

Share this on WhatsAppThousands of women and men from around the world have been tweeting the hashtag #MeToo today to demonstrate the magnitude of sexual harassment. It follows numerous actresses, including A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, making accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein including rape and sexual assault. The …

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Shocking Sexual Assault Claims Made Against Patrick Swayze

Share this on WhatsAppDisturbing allegations have been made against the late Patrick Swayze. Radio presenter and stand-up comedian Michele Mahone has alleged Swayze grabbed her and forcefully kissed her in a ‘nauseating’ act she likened to an ‘uncle grabbing and kissing you’. Michele had been working as a Disney make-up artist at …

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