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Flying Cars Will Be Hitting Roads/Skies Next Year

It has been long-predicted we would be flying around in cars ‘in the future’ – and it seems the future is now because one company is now ‘accepting orders’ for them.

The AeroMobil, a flying car being built in Slovakia, will only set you back a casual £1.1m, no biggie.

You’ll obviously need both a driving licence and pilot’s licence to drive one and you’ll need to get a runway put in the garden if you want one of these.

The two-seater car also has the ‘very latest in vehicle recovery ballistic parachutes’ and ‘pyrotechnic seat belt technology’.

It has a top speed of 99mph on the ground but the AreoMobil could travel as quickly as 223mph in the air.

The engine is being built by British engineering specialist Prodrive, is a petrol-fuelled car which works on the roads and in the air, according to The Telegraph.

Flying Cars Will Be Hitting Roads/Skies Next Year Capture tv34AeroMobil

Prodrive is accepting orders for the cars but is only producing a limited number of units.

As somebody who doesn’t like planes, I think I’ll stick to driving standard cars.

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