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Oman Government Bans Import of Poultry From Five Countries

Importing poultry from five countries has been banned in Oman, according to a ministerial decision.

“Live birds, their products and derivatives from the Philippines, Laos, South Africa, Togo, and Zimbabwe are banned from entering the country until a further decision is taken,” the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said.

“The decision to ban the importation of live birds and their products came on the recommendation of the competent veterinary authority,” the ministry announced on twitter.

The Ministry of Agriculture also issued a ministerial decision lifting a ban on the import of live birds from Bulgaria and Poland.

“The ban on the importation of live birds, their products, and their derivatives and their waste from the Republic of Bulgaria and Poland has been lifted,” the ministry announced.

The decision came after the ministry previously banned imports of birds from both countries, in the beginning of the year, after reports of the spread of the bird flu virus in several European countries.

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