Saturday , February 24 2018
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12 Fantastic Beauty Tips That’ll Make You Look Like a Star

Elegant arrows Drawing huge long arrows on your eyes is not always a good idea. But defining your eyes with neat elegant lines drawn along your upper eyelid can make a big difference in your appearance. Of course, the color black is always in style, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other shades either. Softly glowing skin Healthy glowing …

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This natural ingredient detoxifies your mouth, removes plaque and whitens your teeth

You have certainly read several home remedies on the net. From various ailments to improving health, nature’s bounty provides us with a host of ingredients that not even conventional drugs can achieve. But here is a special and unique ingredient which addresses a common but persistent problem and that detoxification …

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‘Hairy selfie nails’ are both impressive and creepy

Gone are the days when manis were one hue. Although we still love a classic polish (there’s a reason nude nails are timeless), these days, designs run the gamut — from jewel-encrusted to ombre. But the latest talon trend is perhaps the most hair-raising to happen to fingertips since, well, ever. From the wonderfully creative mind …

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