Wednesday , September 20 2017
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‘Hairy selfie nails’ are both impressive and creepy

Gone are the days when manis were one hue. Although we still love a classic polish (there’s a reason nude nails are timeless), these days, designs run the gamut — from jewel-encrusted to ombre. But the latest talon trend is perhaps the most hair-raising to happen to fingertips since, well, ever. From the wonderfully creative mind …

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Baking Soda Used In This Way Can Make You Beautiful 10 Years Younger In Just Few Minutes!

Baking soda is a powerful versatile ingredient that can be used for anything from cleaning to treating skin and health problems. It is usually used for rising dough, but it can also treat and prevent numerous diseases and conditions and whiten clothes. Besides this, people use baking soda as an …

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Remove Those Annoying Patches on the Neck, Underarms and Inner Thighs in 15 Minutes or Less

Dull patches are regularly caused by waxing, shaving, utilization of antiperspirants, and sun introduction. They can show up in the armpits, neck zone, and the internal thighs. Most people who’ve corpulence, diabetes, gastrointestinal or genitourinary malignancies, or those who’re experiencing hormonal medicines have dull spots on their skin. While there …

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Get Rid of Your Skin Problems, Dengue Fever, Indigestion and Even Cancer With the Help of Papaya Leaves!

Most people know about papaya as a tropical fruit, but aren’t aware about its health benefits. Besides being delicious, papaya is a powerful healing ingredient that can treat a variety of diseases, infections and conditions. Knowing its benefits and taste, it’s no wonder that the great Christopher Columbus named it …

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Removes Plaque and Whiten Your Teeth in 15 Min With This Recipe That a Dentist Ever You Tell!

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is an essential part of proper oral hygiene. Although many people don’t think so, the teeth are essential for proper overall health. Everything we put in our mouth is attacking our teeth, and bacteria can multiply incredibly fast on our teeth, attacking them at …

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