Saturday , November 25 2017
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Jennifer Lawrence Splits With 48-Year-Old Boyfriend

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have split up after a year of dating. The 27-year-old actress began seeing the 48-year-old director last September shortly after the cameras stopped rolling on their fantastic yet rather messed up film mother!. The private couple had to give up their secrecy when photos of the …

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19 Funny Photos Showing What Real Women’s Friendship Is All About

Many people think that women’s friendship is some kind of a phantom. However, it is possible to meet it in real life, though probably a little less often than we would want to. Bright Side collected several photo proofs that only real friends will understand. 19. “My girls helped me create cool lights to make my photo with pizza look more impressive.” © jaanemao/twitter 18. Your …

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Guy Breaks Down In Tears As He Watches Girlfriend Flirt With Another Guy

A suspicious gentleman has tested his girlfriend’s fidelity on camera, only for the world wide web to gleefully watch his impending heartbreak. Enlisting the help of modern-day love gurus, To Catch A Cheater, this guy – who almost certainly moonlights as a ham actor – has done a really good job …

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Woman Destroys All Ex Boyfriends With Halloween Costume

While I can’t exactly confirm who won Halloween as it would entail incredible research and determination, this girl’s effort is definitely a contender. Opting against your standard ghost or zombie, biology student Haleigh went out wearing just a white t-shirt that read ‘Commitment’. She captioned her picture: ‘Happy Halloween to …

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