Saturday , February 24 2018
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Two Sisters Jump To Their Deaths In Suspected Blue Whale Suicide ‘Game’

Police are investigating the tragic deaths of two Russian half-sisters in connection with the online ‘game’ known as Blue Whale. Maria Vinogradova, 12, and her half-sister Anastasia Svetozarova, 15, were both found dead on the ground beneath their apartment block in Izhevsk, a town roughly 1,200km from Moscow. It is …

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Skype Banned in UAE? Just Teleport Yourself to Chat With Loved Ones

Forget Facebook, Skype and Snapchat, a professor in Dubai believes “HoloPortation” will be the new social media craze in less than a decade. The honorary professor at Amity University and founder of Dubai Solar Schools, David Provenzani, said humans will be able to teleport anywhere through holographic figures of themselves. …

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