Saturday , November 25 2017
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Miss Iraq poses for selfie with Miss Israel … sparks online controversy

Earlier this week, Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, caused quite the online stir after she instagrammed a photo of herself posing with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, at rehearsals for the Miss Universe pageant, HuffPost Arabi reported. Idan, who is the first women to represent her country at the competition in 45 …

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Girls Punished Because Their Trousers Are ‘Distracting Teachers’

A vexed mum has claimed girls at a secondary school are being told to stop wearing ‘tight’ black trousers because they are ‘distracting teachers’. 37-year-old Amy Moule said her 15-year-old daughter Beth is repeatedly being handed detentions because of a ‘ridiculous’ uniform clampdown over how tight girls’ trousers should be. …

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19 Awesome Teachers Who Totally Deserve a Nobel Prize

Our teacher has a student draw a “cat of the day“ on the board. He was away on Friday. So this morning he took out his phone and drew a ”substitute cat” from the web. I love this teacher. © reddit A teacher wanted to help little boys who had no dads, so he started a “Gentleman’s Club” where they learn to shake hands, make eye contact, …

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Only Geniuses Are Able to Find the Differences in These 17 Pictures

Find three differences © Find four differences © Find three differences © Find three differences © Find three differences © Find three differences © Find two differences © Find two differences © Find four differences © Find three differences © …

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10 Everyday Things You’re Constantly Doing Wrong

10. Holding the steering wheel © Depositphotos It’s vital to know the proper way of holding the steering wheel as it can save you from injuries in a car accident. The safest place to put your hands is on the center line (as in the above picture). This position prevents the airbags from opening up into your hands and arms, thus protecting your …

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