Saturday , November 25 2017
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These Crabs Can Grow Up to 3 Feet and Hunt Birds, a Biologist’s Video Proves

There’s a theory that giant crabs overwhelmed Amelia Earhart, dismembered her and carried her bones underground. Speculative, at best. Sounds crazy, we know. But so has almost every other horrifying rumor about the so-called coconut crabs – until science inevitably proves them true. They grow to the size of dogs. …

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Bodybuilder Who’s Been Weightlifting Since 14 Reveals Photos Of Her Physique

A woman who’s been weightlifting since she was 14-years-old is back after an 18-month absence and has revealed photos of her impressive physique. Natalia Kuznetsova, a Russian power-lifter, had retired after achieving a number of titles, including European champion for the bench press and deadlift. She also has world records …

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A Whale Learned Dolphin Language To Communicate With Them

Research has found a whale found living close to a pod of bottlenose dolphins has amazingly learned to speak their language. Just two months after the beluga whale was introduced to its new facility alongside the dolphins, scientists found it began to ‘imitate their whistles’, reports The Independent. The four-year-old whale was …

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