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Internet Divides Over Model’s Controversial Video With Toddler

A video dubbed ‘sick’ by keyboard warriors, showing an Instagram model allowing a toddler to ‘grope’ her breast, has gone viral.

Toronto-based model, Tillie Medland posted the video in question to Instagram less than a day ago.

Since, she has received a barrage of abuse from online commentators, who have chosen to watch the video and publicly shame Tillie for a simple act of affection.

At the time of writing, Tillie’s video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times, with numerous people condemning her actions as she plays with the youngster.

Instagram user, elwood_z34 wrote:

That’s disgusting that you didn’t stop him. If that was a little girl feeling up a guy it would be all over the news. You’re a pervert.

steenamareena dubbed it ‘fucking sick’, adding:

You need serious help to allow something like this to happen. I am so disturbed. This chick and the kids parents need to be locked up.

However, the Canadian model, from the Ontario province, captioned the photograph affectionately, writing ‘Ohh Jetty’ and sharing some crying laughing emoji faces.

The video was also shared by Tillie’s partner, Michael Zavet, who jokingly wrote, ‘I guess subtlety is neither of our strong suits but at least there’s no doubt we’re related #mrstealyogirl #jettyzav #nextgen’.

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In fact, the toddler in the video is the child of Michael’s brother.

Tagging three members of the Zavet family, Tillie shared the video with friends and relatives, suggesting her relationship with the toddler is one of close familial affection.

There is no evidence to suggest anything untoward is taking place in an inappropriate manner.

Yet some people still feel the need to publicly shame Tillie from behind the safety of their iPhone screens.

Perhaps, rather than keyboard warriors directing their anger at Tillie, they should consider why they feel the need to sexualise the behaviour of an innocent young toddler.

Let this be a lesson not to jump to conclusions on social media and condemn those who choose to share an innocent moment of affection.

After all we, as a society, are so quick to comment on a bunch of pixels, failing to remember that real people are posting the pictures.

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