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Maintain the Charm and Glow of the Skin Year After Year

Do you know your skin reflects your past stories, from the glow at pregnancy to the visible spots that appears from sun damage.You must have heard a lot about the skin care protection from the harmful sun’s rays.

However, there are other simple health moves that will surely help to maintain the charm of your skin year after year.Lets have a look on them.

In Your 30s: Fight Acne Bumps

Hormone-related skin issues are not just for teenagers. Rising levels of progesterone and testosterone levels before the onset of your period can result in eruption of the adult acne near chin, mouth and nose. The other reason is the hormonal stress that can aggravate eczema which is dry and irritated skin condition usually appears on hands and face.

In order to treat adult acne use fragrance free cleansers to soothe the acne or in serious case you will require a prescription for a topical corticosteroid

At 30’s when you are all set to start a family.Your skin becomes clear than ever due to secretion of estrogen hormone. You may need a steroid and oral anti-histamines.But at the same time hormonal fluctuation tend to create lot of skin issues like melasma which generally fades away after delivery.

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In Your 40s: Check yourself

In your 40’s, damage done to your skin starts showing. It can be a sign of the skin cancer but when it is detected early it can be treated. So, go for monthly check-ups. To minimize the signs of aging, choose the right products for your skin after consulting the dermatologists. Also choose light makeup and if your skin is sensitive then don’t use any new product without testing.

It is very common to develop actinic keratosis, a dry, red, flaky spots usually appears on the cheeks, forehead and nose. It is the case of sun damage.Check your Doctor ASAP if you have develop any spots like that.

In Your 50s+ : Satisfy  the Thirst

This is the time when your estrogen level get down and secretion of oil decreases which results in dry and itchy skin.If you continue bathing with hot water and harsh soap the condition will become worst. You may suffer from Hypothyroidism that is very common over age 50, causing fatigue, depression and weight gain. Exercise regularly, Increase your Fluid Intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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