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According to medical experts this is why you shouldn’t put Q-Tips in ears

Are you using Q-tips in ears? If yes, then you’re doing a very dangerous thing. Time and again experts keep warning us that q-tips should never be used to clean ears. People worldwide never really bother about such advice and continue to stick q-tips in ears until disaster happens.

If you think your q-tip is soft enough to remove earwax, well you’re actually making it worse. You could also risk puncturing your ear drum.

1 Earwax has a number of benefits

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, new guidelines have been framed after a decade related to q-tips in ears. The medical body states that wax is beneficial in the same manner as nose mucous and eyelashes and should not be tampered with.

Earwax traps dirt and foreign agents that may get in the ear. Ear wax is usually pushed out by skin growth and then washed away when you take a bath.

Earwaxhas a number of benefits

2 What you should do about ear wax

As per the advice, there is no real need to use a cotton bud or anything to remove ear wax. Attempting to do so is a bad idea because you could easily push the ear wax down further. The most dangerous aspect as I learned the hard way is that the slightest miscalculation when using a q-tip or even a slip of the hand could propel the q-tip towards your ear drum puncturing it partially or completely.

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The only way possible to rectify a ruptured ear drum is through surgery and it never really gets back to normal. Moreover you lose a percentage of your earring with permanent problems such as blocked ears. The advisable thing to do rather than use a q-tip in ears, it is better to wipe away excess ear wax when it comes to the surface of your ear.

Whatyou should do about ear wax

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