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Eight Year Old Girl Accidentally Found a Cure for Cancer?

An eight year old girl from Manchester had a concept of easy as well as effective method of treating cancer cells as she chatted with her parents for dinner.

Eight year old Kamila Lisanti from Manchester gave the suggestion that totally altered the training course of the study that takes care of locating remedy for cancer cells, as well as the results stunned everyone.

In fact, her daddy Michael is a popular oncologist, who has long been working on this study, he asked his child during supper, how she would deal with cancer cells. The girl thought about it and said that she would attempt with antibiotics, “like with a sore throat.”

Michael Lisanti as well as his better half Federica, who is also part of the research study group at the University of Manchester, tried the concept and were astonished by the results. Using ordinary and really cost-effective antibiotics, they handled to entirely destroy cancer cells.

Some antibiotics prevent cells to create the mitochondria, which are in fact the motors of each cell. Stem cancer cells, which generate a lump, usually have a large number of mitochondria.

Throughout the study performed, taken care of with simple anti-biotics, which are more affordable compared to any type of therapy for cancer cells, to destroy samples of stem cells taken from cancer of the breast, lung, prostate, pancreatic, ovarian, skin as well as brain.

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Most notably, prescription antibiotics are not damaging healthy cells.

Professor Lisanti believes that antibiotics can be the safe and price – effective solution for the treatment of cancer, and all thanks to his eight-year old daughter.

– At the beginning I thought it was naive, cancer cells treated with prescription antibiotics, yet it turned out that Camilla was right – said the proud father, adding that his daughter wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

The next step is testing on people, especially women struggling with breast cancer.

To honor the girl that unknowingly made a great contribution to this research, her parents named her as the author of the study.

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