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Make Silver Water at Home – The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

Silver water is the most powerful natural antibiotic, and researches have shown that it helps in the fight against cancer. Given that this magical beverage is expensive, we suggest that you make it at home, and here’s how…

Doctors recommend silver water for several reasons: for the prevention of influenza, diseases of the digestive organs, infection of the ear, nose and throat, allergy treatment… The process of making this magic water is not complicated and can be performed at home, all you have to do is follow the instructions carefully.


Batteries (12 volts), pure silver wire (.999 mark of purity), and a jar of water.


Add warm water in the jar. It is best to put distilled water, although it take more time, this way you can drink it every day, save it or even give it to someone as a present. Connect the 12 volt batteries to the jar with clamps and produce electricity in the jar. Place the silver wire in the jar(attach it with a clamp). Make sure that the clamps are not in the water.

Follow the detailed instructions from the video to make the water. When you notice that the water is slightly blurred, it’s ready for use.

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