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The Real Reason Why Wheat is Toxic to the Human Body Will Shock You! It’s Not the Gluten

You’ll Never Guess Why Wheat Is Toxic For Your Health (Hint: It’s Not The Gluten!)

Sometimes you have reactions to wheat and sometimes don’t, but do not feel strange about it. The simple answer is in the way of growing. In some countries traditionally grown wheat cannot cause any symptoms, the actual toxicity comes from the hybridization, non-organic production and the modern way of growing any kinds of plants in general.

According to some data the wheat in United States is fully genetically modified. Lots of people suffer from gluten but the guilt cannot be whole passed to the gluten in the wheat, since we know that people consume wheat with centuries.

In United States the problem with toxicity and wheat is not in the genetically modified seeds but in the manner how the wheat has been harvested.

There is a protocol of harvesting prepared from the competent agriculturalists and it requires drenching of the wheat fields by using Roundup few days before the actual harvesting work on the field. With this procedure the dead and withered plants will not bother during the harvest.

In the 1980s has been approved for the first time the usage of the herbicide Roundup and other herbicides which have poisonous content.

Since then the use of drying ingredients in duration of seven to ten days has become a routine within the traditional farming community.

According to investigation and dedicated conference on this subject it is confirmed that the contamination of the non-organic wheat came from the process of spreading glyphosate just before harvesting in the period of the late 1990’s and since than contaminated most of the non-organic wheat crops on the territory of USA.

According to dr. Seneff the exposure of wheat to a toxic chemical such as glyphosate, in fact, releases more seeds and a slightly greater yield:

“It ‘goes to seed’ as it dies. At its last gasp, it releases the seed.”

There has been a concerning change of numbers in the usage of herbicides from 2012 and they show that 99% of durum wheat has been treated with herbicides, 61% of winter wheat and even 97% of spring wheat. These numbers were a lot lower in 1998 :88% for durum wheat, 47% for winter wheat and 91% for spring wheat.

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We here have a statement of Keith Lewis, a farmer who grows wheat and he says that the herbicide Roundup is often used in wheat farming just before the harvest.

The creator of Roundup, Monsanto statements that this is licensed for pre-harvest weed control and the application to plants at over 30% kernel moisture result in roundup uptake by the plant into the kernels;

Farmers like this practice because Roundup kills the wheat plant allowing an earlier harvest.

The actual problem comes on the application of Roundup and wheat usually thus applying Roundup pre-harvest evens up the greener parts of the field with the more mature. The result is on the less mature areas Roundup is translocated into the kernels and eventually harvested as such.

This is not a licensed application for wheat and people consume it minutes after spreading roundup.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that if malt barley is treated with Roundup it cannot be used for the production of beer. This also applies for the lentils and peas. But with wheat is different, it is allowed to be treated with the herbicide Roundup. This is something that is not very clear, why only wheat can be treated with Roundup and not anything else.

This method is used in other countries beside the United States. In the United Kingdom has also been reported a glyphosate residues of the usage of Roundup as a wheat desiccant  in bread samples.

This pesticide has not been approved for use in many European countries. For example the Netherlands and France who have forbidden its usage.

Roundup allows farmers to save more money and increase their profit, but it can cause severe negative effects on human’s health if it consumed in bigger quantity from the ground up wheat.

From the 90s till today the usage of this pesticide has gone up and it is very concerning. A study made in 2013 has proven that it can cause celiac disease and glyphosate.

The herbicide industry states that glyphosate is minimally toxic to human, but after a study has been conducted proved quite the opposite.

A research conducted by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff,studied the reticence of the cytochrome enzymes in the glyphostate and it discarded the ingredient that is dangerous to mammals

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Today it is thought that glyphosate is not toxic to mammals and humans, as Roundup salesman tries to prove this by drinking it on presentations.

The real fact is that it is definitely toxic even though it does not present immediate symptoms. The way it affects the body is that it changes the basic shimimate pathway which is found in beneficial gut microbes that are in charge of the synthesis of essential amino acids.

These beneficial gut microbes or probiotics are of high value for the overall health. They improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, strengthen the walls in the gastrointestinal tract and combines vitamins.

As a conclusion from all this is that we advise you to be careful from the negative effects of Roundup, because it can cause a severe disruption to the beneficial gut bacteria and can also cause permeability to the intestinal wall and autoimmune disease symptoms.

The other negative effect that glyphosate has, is that it obstructs the enzymes of cytochrome P450 (CYP), which are made by the gut microbiome, and they have a significant role in detoxification the foreign chemical compounds, xenobiotics, to which we are exposed every day.

As a result, people are exposed to glyphosate through the use of Roundup in their community or through consummation of Roundup residues from industrialized food.

From this, people get more vulnerable to other negative effects from different chemicals and toxins.

We can say that the most dangerous thing is that the symptoms and effects of glyphosate consumption are not shown right away, they are slow and insidious. It may take months maybe years before they show up, and what was a simple inflammation may become a dangerous inflammation to the cellular systems of the body.

This type of inflammation shows up in many diseases which are most common to the lifestyle in the western countries like:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Autism
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Another study led by Dr. Seneff about the use of glyphosate just before the harvest of wheat crops, has a result that on this method the toxin has a negative effect on the human body by destroying all the beneficial gut microbes and can cause degeneration, disease, and widespread suffering.

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As a result, we highly recommend that you avoid consumption of natural wheat, in order to protect your health, although you do not have gluten allergy or wheat sensitivity.

The higher consummation of glyphosate and the increasing cases of celiac disease as well as those with wheat sensitivity are somehow related with each other. The glyphosate is very poisonous and you cannot notice that instantly.

In this case you should definitely change natural wheat with organic one, with low gluten, or even unhybridized Einkorn wheat used for cookies, pancakes, bread and other.

If you ignore this and proceed using natural wheat, it is a fact that you will gain some autoimmune disease or wheat sensitivity, due to its toxic procession method and the fact that it containes glyphosate residues in the products you eat.

We think that it is about time that we all put a stop to this, because we are being poisoned intentionally, and they have been lying to us every day.

In the USA, farmers who grow wheat have been using Roundup for several reasons: to dry out the wheat plants, to kill weed, and to accelerate the harvest.

This farming method causes for the wheat kernels to absorb the toxic glyphosate- the active compound of Roundup and other herbicides.

In addition, although you do not have felt any symptoms or developed a gluten allergy or wheat sensibility, it is only a matter of time before the toxic residues cause severe medical conditions or deadly diseases.

Also, consider the fact that herbicides are used in many other crops, including rice, seeds, sugar cane, barley, dried beans and peas, sugar beets, and sweet potatoes.

The best solution for all this problems for you is to avoid conventional food and just use organic food in order to protect your health and the health of your family.

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