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Things You Need To Know About Tears

Have you ever thought why tears flows in our eyes whenever we are sad, tired or frustrated? It look like crying is one of the mystifying form of the human behavior. This physiological function is very unique to the humans.And tears are very complex features of human beings.

Lets know more about them:

There are three kinds of tears we usually shed :

  • Basal Tears
  • Reflex Tears
  • Emotional Tears

Basal Tears

This tear is present every time in our eyes to protect, nourish and lubricate the eyes.These tears are usually different from other types of tears.It is made up of three layers. The first is mucus layer that keep tears flow fast and smooth in the eye.Aqueous layer that maintains the level of water and keep away by growing bacteria and the outer lipid layer that tends to remove the friction and keep the surface smooth.

Characteristics of Basal Tears:

  • Secreted Constantly
  • Keep away Dust and Debris
  • Reflex Tears

The second type of tears known as the reflex tears, is secreted in large amount and its function is to protect the eye from irritants like smoke, wind and chemical present in onions.It consist of aqueous layer containing antibodies that prevent microorganism growth.

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Characteristics of Reflex Tears:

  • Wash Away Harmful Irritants
  • Secreted in Large Amount

Emotional Tears

Emotional Tears are peculiar kind of Tears . There are various theories related to emotional tears. One of the theories suggest that tears are produced as a silent signalling system, usually when we are not prepared for something unexpected which is of course the worst thing we are not ready to accept.While others believe it is the way to gain sympathy. Research proves that 85 % of women and 73% of men feel better after shedding tears. Shedding Tears relieves from the stress and pain. It is also believed that tears help to strengthen the bond between the communities.

Characteristics of Emotional Tears:

  • Makes your Mood Stable
  • Contains The ACTH, the stress hormone
  • Contains enkephalin, the natural painkiller

So, this is all about the tears. Now whenever tears flow through your eyes, you will have a better idea about its type, cause and characteristics.Tears also clean your eyes. So, we have seen how tears are example of the incredible system of our body

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