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Treat And Eliminate Your Kidney Stones Immediately!

Kidney stones are produced by the accumulation of salts in the kidneys because they are not able to process them; In its early stages, this condition can be solved without surgery and in most cases the natural treatments manage to release the kidneys of sand.

Infusions of certain medicinal plants are highly effective, so much so as to equate to chemical medications, in cases where the stones are not large enough to obstruct the urinary tract. It is also highly recommended to accompany the medicines prescribed with these infusions for better results and in less time.


Infusion based on St. John’s wort:

Ingredients: St. John’s wort, tormentilla, birch, rosemary, and heather.

Preparation: mix these herbs in equal parts, then make an infusion with a cup of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of the herbal mixture. It should be taken in the morning and if desired in the evening before bed.

Infusion of horsetail:

Ingredients: Horsetail, barberry, shepherd’s bag and bistorta.

Preparation: You should mix these herbs evenly and use a shallow tablespoon of the mixture for each cup of water. Perform this infusion and take it fasting in the morning and before bed. Horsetail contains high levels of potassium which makes it an excellent diuretic.

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Infusions of gayuba (uva ursi):

The gayuba has antiseptic properties that benefit the urinary tract, it is recommended to treat kidney stones naturally as it avoids infections that can complicate the expulsion of the grit.

First infusion:

Ingredients: 15 gr de gayuba, 15 gr clover of water, 15 gr of melisa, and 25 gr of linden.

Preparation: Mix all the herbs and make an infusion with a cup of water and a tablespoon of the mixture. Take one or two cups daily. This infusion is not recommended for people with hypotension since linden is hypotensive.

Second infusion:

Ingredients: 20 g of bearberry, 10 g of Leviticus (celery), 20 g of sage, and 10 g of mint.

Preparation: Mix these herbs and use one tablespoon per cup of water. Make an infusion and take it on an empty stomach.

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