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Treat Your Depression & Anxiety Right Now with this Wonder Herb

Life can appear dull and unbearable when you are under blanket of stress, anxiety and depression.Remember, it’s not only you, who experience period of deep grief at some point of life,this happens with everyone. The only difference is their timings. It feels like you are stuck fighting hard and every ounce of energy and hope is gone.

If you ever felt yourself trapped under the blanket of deep stress, just give a try to cannabis.

Cannabis is a good mood stabilizer that enhances creative thinking, problem-solving ability and psychological insight. Let’s look into the ways how cannabis help in therapeutic relief for anxiety and depression.

What is depression?

Depression is unique to every individual and it encompasses feeling of hopelessness and personal dejection.These symptoms interfere with your daily activity and last for at least two weeks.Mental health professionals categorize type of depression based on causes.For example:

Postpartum depression is depression brought on by hormonal changes following pregnancy.

Seasonal Affective Disorder that usually appears during winter months and go during summer.

Psychotic Depression caused by abnormal brain function.

Treating depression with cannabis

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors all over the body responsible for immune response, hormonal signalling, mood regulation.It maintains the homeostasis, which is the state of balance that keep us mentally sound.A natural compound called anandamide, a molecular analog of the THC is found in cannabis.Research are going on to find the physical activity that will boost the levels of  endocannabinoid.

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It’s no doubt that many people are helped by traditional antidepressants.But their rate of success is too low– about 30 percent of individuals find it helpful which is about the same rate as placebo pills.

Cannabis is used as a folk remedy to treat depression for a long time.Recently a number of theories have proved that cannabis is helpful to patient with depression.Research and studies have make it clear that cannabis is helpful to stabilize mood condition in the people having bipolar disorders like manic depression.Also help patient with post traumatic stress disorder. Studies conducted in 2015 at University of Buffalo proved that marijuana is highly effective in treating depression.Cannabis or marijuana restore normal endocannabinoid function and help to stabilize moods and depression.

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