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Warning Signs and Symptoms About Lung Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

One of the most aggressive and most common cancer is the lung cancer. In 2010 in US there were 239.320 new cases of lung cancer. And there were 161.250 deaths caused by this disease. Cancer deaths accounts between 25-30% of all deaths.  Genetic predispositions and environmental factors can contribute to lung cancer, but the most dangerous one is smoking. Symptoms may appear in the advanced stage of the cancer, and that’s why this is the most dangerous one.

Chronic Cough

If you have cold or bronchitis then you will have it for week or two and it will be accompanied by signs of infective ailments. If you start coughing little by little and if it lasts more than a few weeks then you should go and visit your doctor. Maybe you have some allergy or irritation but it is important to exclude the more serious cause like lung cancer.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath can lead to lung or heart disease. You should go and see your doctor if you have difficulties that you haven’t had before while breathing or if you don’t have any heart-related issues.

Chest Pain

One more sign of lung cancer can be dull or sharp pain in back, shoulder or chest areas. Chest pain is one of the less specific and most common sign in human medicine. First go and see your doctor before bringing conclusions by yourself, because the reason for this can be a psychological problem, heart issue, lung issue or some other causes.

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Weight Loss

If you had severe weight lost in a short period of time you should see your doctor. Generally losing weight and felling weak can be a sign of advance tumors.

If you have some of these symptoms it doesn’t mean that you have to panic. They can be really useful indicators for lung cancer. You should visit your doctor and do some test in order to catch or exclude the disease in early stage.

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