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Asian duo arrested for Dh886,000 prepaid card fraud

Sharjah Police have arrested two Asians for tampering with prepaid phone cards of du and Etisalat to fleece investors and steal their money.

Col Ibrahim Al Ajill, director of CID Department at Sharjah Police, said that the suspects stole more Dh 886,000 from one of the investors.

Colonel A Ajill pointed out that an investor contacted one of the fraudsters – who works as a marketeer in a mobile phone trading shop in Sharjah – and asked him to provide prepaid phone recharging for Dh886,395 for Etisalat and due phones.

He added that as soon as the complaint was received, a CID team was formed to arrest the accused, retrieve the illegally appropriated amounts of money and foil any attempts of the accused to flee the country.

Launching an operation called ‘Al Reseed’, the CID officers managed to arrest two of the fraudsters, and recovered Dh650,000 from the residence of one of the accused. The third accused managed to flee the country after sending his share of the stolen money to his home country. His extradition is in the process.

Col Al Ajill said any police operation succeeds when a fraud is reported promptly so that steps are taken to nab the culprits before they can escape.

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He urged the public and investors to approach official channels to avail any service, especially when it comes to dealing with large amounts of money.

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