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Cute Couple’s Selfie Turns Creepy, Look At What Mirror Shows!

With the advent of internet and dawn of social media, anybody who has an active online presence knows how often do we find pictures of pets, couples, food and vacations online. People love flaunting their relationship statuses, people on vacations show off their hotel suites, gadget freaks posting pictures of the latest phones they’ve bought etc. The list is an endless one. The century we live in, showcases everything on a social media platform and today, people want the world to know what they’ve been up to.

But who knew a very nominal selfie from one of the many couples who often post their pictures online, which initially looked like any other turned out to be very bizarre. What one saw next was creepy and revolting. Or maybe just a bit intriguing and interesting?

Check out the selfie and decide for yourself.

Do let us know, what you think of it!

Caption: “I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini.”

This guy posted an adorable selfie with his girl friend and claimed he loved her. How cute!
But wait, look closer!
Look closely, did you notice what I did?
*Hint: Gemini sign has two faces or have two different personalities.*
People posted some interesting opinions on Twitter.
Haha! Indeed, funny!

Yeah, Happy Realization!
Phoebe has got a point, there!
Well played, bro!

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