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Man jailed in UAE for having sex with friend’s wife

A man – who was attacked for having sex with his friend’s wife – and two women have been jailed for three years over adultery and sharing pornographic video clips through WhatsApp charges.

The court acquitted the attacker after his friend waived his right to retribution because he had provoked the former into assaulting him.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance handed down the sentences to the Pakistani man and two Filipina women.

Official court documents stated that the two men were staying in the same apartment in Abu Dhabi with their Filipina wives. They had been business partners for over 15 years and had a restaurant and a transportation company.

On October 4, 2016, as one of the men was in the bathroom, out of curiosity, his friend checked his mobile phone and found four video clips showing the former having sex with the latter’s wife.

As his friend came out of the bathroom, the man stabbed him in the right eye. “He also hit him in the head, after which the friend fell down,” said the prosecutors. “The man then stabbed his friend in the stomach.”

As the friend tried to get up, the man stabbed him in the neck. The attacker reportedly called an ambulance and the victim was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Authorities later arrested the two men, the Filipino wife of the attacker and another woman – who had filmed the sex and shared the videos on WhatsApp with her friend.

Prosecutors charged one of the men with assaulting his friend, while the second man and his friend’s wife were charged with adultery. Another woman was charged with breaching privacy via mobile phone and sharing pornographic images on WhatsApp.

They had all denied the charges.

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