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This Baby Won’t Stop Crying Until the Father Took Off Socks! The Father Was Stunned on What He Saw!

  • This couple’s baby wouldn’t stop crying.
  • The baby’s father eventually took of his baby’s socks.
  • He was shocked when he saw what happened to his baby’s toe!

When a baby starts crying, there is probably something wrong with them or there is something that they want. It may be because they are hungry, they are sleepy, or maybe something is

bothering them or they are not comfortable. Parents will then try to comfort their babies by rocking them back and forth, softly singing to them, giving them milk or changing their diapers.


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It’s a guessing game when you can’t figure out why your baby doesn’t want to stop crying. In fact, when your baby won’t stop crying, that usually means it’s serious. It’s not just because he/she is hungry or sleepy but he/she may be sick.

In this case, the guessing game was finally over when father Scott Walker took off his baby’s socks. He was shocked upon seeing and realizing why his baby wouldn’t stop crying.


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What was the cause? A hair strand was tightly wound around his baby’s toe. The hair strand was wound so tightly that it made a deep cut on the baby’s toe.

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His wife, Jessica Walker, who works as a nurse immediately came to their baby’s aid. She promptly but safely removed the strand.

What happened is dubbed a “hair tourniquet” –  a condition wherein a hair or other similar type of thread becomes tied around a toe or finger tightly. Often, it can cause damage. This condition typically occurs with infants.

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The Walkers then posted about their experience and warned other parents to be more mindful of their children, especially infants. Babies are very fragile and we should never ignore whenever they start crying incessantly.

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