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Everyone Thinks Idris Elba Was Robbed Of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title

People magazine announced the winner of their ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2017’ and the fact Idris Elba didn’t get top spot hasn’t gone down well at all.

The Luther actor is obviously well-adored (understatement) by plenty of fans because the internet kicked off big time when the winner was announced.

Previous winners of this ‘award’ include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (2016), David Beckham (2015) and Chris Hemsworth (2014).

Here are some of the greatest pro-Idris Elba tweets:

Blake Shelton named sexiest man… Is it because Idris Elba is a mythical being that he wasn’t nominated?

Why did Idris Elba change his name to Blake Shelton? He’s already an established actor so it’s kinda weird but whatever… congratulations!

Obviously Idris Elba won the popular vote for Sexiest Man Alive while Blake Shelton squeezed in on the electoral college. It’s the election all over again.

Blake Shelton is People’s Sexiest Man Alive because apparently Idris Elba, Chris Evans and Jason Momoa fell off the planet last night.

Best option: Blake Shelton resigns as Sexiest Man Alive, creating new vacancy and do over. Gov appoints Idris Elba, schedules new primaries/general. New vacancy = new process.

Forget the fact that Idris Elba should’ve obviously won. I can even think of like 5 white guys named Chris who are more deserving of the Sexiest Man Alive title than Blake Shelton.

I think I can explain why Blake Shelton was the Sexist Man Alive instead of Idris Elba.

They literally ran out of white people.

So, who won it?

I’m sure you’ll have seen the news somewhere, but, prepare for it, it was Blake Shelton.

Now, I know him as Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend, but he’s a singer over in the US and has been tweeting about it ever since.

Stefani, obviously proud of her man, tweeted:

I guess I’ve been kissing the  all this time but  I knew that allready!!  gx

She also told People:

He’s perfect for it. Somebody that is funny and has a sense of humour is sexy — that’s the number one thing.

[He’s] somebody that is at the top of their game and talented and genuine and cool and generous and just not self-aware at all — completely a man.

He doesn’t even know how cute he is. [He’s] cocky but only because he’s a cowboy!

And it wasn’t just Idris who was ‘robbed’ of the title, Luke Bryan, Shelton’s colleague, jokingly told ABC News Radio he felt he should have won.

He said:

He’s taken so many things from me, and now this.

Who in the hell is choosing this? Am I being punked? And we’re sure that y’all didn’t Photoshop my face over his face and change the names out?

Alright, well I guess we’re all stuck with it.

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