Monday , July 24 2017

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London Zoo Staff Work Naked To Raise Money For Endangered Tigers

Share this on WhatsAppStaff at London Zoo are doing something rather cheeky, shall we say, to raise money for a very worthy cause. Keepers Andy Davison, Cat Cheyne, Grant Kother and Tina Campanella will be run through the zoo completely butt naked to raise awareness at the charity’s Streak For …

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The Shock Reality Of Modern Prostitution Slavery

Share this on WhatsApp Slavery is illegal in every country in the modern world, yet ’46 million people’ are still living as slaves. Promise, who grew up in Nigeria, told UNILAD her story, and it’s devastating. It all started when she was just 17-years-old, Promise and her girlfriend were caught having sex …

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This Is The Real Story Behind 420

Share this on WhatsAppThe origins of 420 has nothing to do with Bob Marley, the chemical compounds in cannabis or police-speak for THC-related crimes. While the date of April 20 is almost (without fail) associated with marijuana, no one actually knows the exact reason or the history behind it. Instead, …

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: Very Stylish And Secure

Share this on WhatsAppThe Surface Laptop as the name suggests is the first actual laptop directly from Microsoft, and it’s a beauty! It’s a perfect blend of hardware and software working together in harmony to give users the best user experience possible and also the confidence show it off like …

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Kylie Jenner’s ‘Massive Camel Toe’ Has Caused Chaos Online

Share this on WhatsAppKylie Jenner’s caused a right old stir online, as always, with her latest Instagram snap which doesn’t really leave much to the imagination. Another day and another Kardashian scandal, as one of Kylie’s most recent posts caused people to slate her for her recent bizarre outfit choices. …

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Three-Year-Old’s ‘Sick’ Comment During Breastfeeding Goes Viral

Share this on WhatsAppA viral video of a breastfeeding mother has caused outrage after reemerging online, with observers dubbing the woman’s actions ‘sick’ after her young son made some unusual comments. The footage has been circulating on Facebook, racking up nearly 2 million views, of  Tasha Maile breastfeeding, days after the …

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