Saturday , November 25 2017
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Women Asked Crushes On Dates And The Responses Were Brutal

Share this on WhatsAppA blogger went on a mission to empower the women of Twitter to make the first move on the guys they fancied. Dami Olonisakin, 27, is a sex and relationships blogger who triggered an enormous thread of anxiety-inducing conversations between men and their female admirers. The whirlwind …

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Nuclear Bunker Turned Into R2-D2 By Mystery Street Artist

Share this on WhatsAppA mysterious street artist has turned a nuclear bunker from the Cold War era to look like a giant-sized rendition of Star War’s R2-D2. Discovered earlier this week by Prague TV, the redesigned nuclear fallout shelter was found in Folimanka Park, Prague, in the Czech capital. Despite the newly revitalised …

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Triple H Confirms He’s Fighting In Butlins

Share this on WhatsAppBeing one of the most recognisable and bankable wrestlers of all time, it’s no biggie that Triple H has performed infront of thousands as part of the WWE. But could have you imagined him at Butlins? That’s right. Butlins. An absolute bastion of banter no doubt, but …

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Robots That Can Have Babies Could Be Available Soon

Share this on WhatsAppUtterly, shamefully, preposterously bad with women? You’re in luck! Sex robots, or ‘companions’ if you’re a weirdo, might soon be able to have babies. Wow! That’s right, no need to worry about actually being likeable or respectful. Bottom line is, if you’ve got the money to buy …

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