Saturday , February 24 2018

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Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Wrestles Giant Snake From Family Home

Share this on WhatsAppChris Hemsworth is known for fighting all manner of monsters and evil villains on screen, especially Thor’s snaky brother Loki. Yet Chris Hemsworth isn’t the only one wrestling snakes – his wife Elsa Pataky showed no fear when she fought a metre-long snake in the bathroom of …

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Lenses That Give 3x Better Vision Than 20/20 Available From March

Share this on WhatsAppAnyone with vision problems knows the irritation of grappling around for your glasses in the morning in foggy, short sighted befuddlement. For many of us, vision is how we perceive and discover the world around us; and to feel this marvellous sense deteriorating can be a terrifying …

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Elon Musk Is Going To Build A Hyperloop in Washington

Share this on WhatsAppElon Musk has just been given a permit to build a Hyperloop from Washington to New York. The space entrepreneur and motoring pioneer has been championing a high-speed transportation system between ‘BY-Phil-Balt-DC’ since he tweeted last summer he’d received ‘verbal govt approval’. The Boring Company now intends …

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Cayetano: Philippines, Kuwait undergoing ‘rocky period’

Share this on WhatsAppForeign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano admitted Friday that the relationship between the Philippines and Kuwait was going through a “rocky period” as Manila continued to urge authorities to serve justice for abused Filipino workers in the Gulf nation. Even though Kuwaiti officials said only between three to …

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