Saturday , February 24 2018

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China and Russia ‘preparing for war with West’

Share this on WhatsAppChina and Russia could soon match the military might of the US and her allies – and the decline of western supremacy could lead to all-out war. Those are the conclusions of a report by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), which says that although war …

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Man Sits Alone At Lunch On Valentine’s Day With Wife’s Ashes

Share this on WhatsAppYesterday, (February 14), it’s likely you were either trying your best to ignore the fact it was Valentine’s Day or celebrating it with a loved one. One man however spent his evening alone, in a restaurant, with his wife’s ashes sitting in the chair opposite him. A …

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Marijuana Causes Less Brain Damage Than Alcohol, Study Finds

Share this on WhatsAppThe common stereotype of the bamboozled stoner, left befuddled by a few too many funny fags, may not be as true as you think. Indeed, a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered alcohol could be way more injurious to your noggin than a …

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Heroic Teacher Saved Her Students From Florida Shooter

Share this on WhatsAppThe heroic actions of a teacher who was caught up in the Florida school shooting has been recognised for saving the lives of her students. Mrs Shanthi Viswanathan, known as ‘Mrs V’ to her pupils, realised something bad was happening when a fire alarm rang our for the second …

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Family Set Up Secret Camera To Catch Nanny Abusing Baby

Share this on WhatsAppA young mum was left horrified after setting up a secret camera to film her son’s new nanny. 26-year-old Elena Levendeeva from Nefteyugansk, Russia became suspicious of 31-year-old nanny Anastasia Zhelyabova just one fortnight into her employment. Elena noticed how her eight-month-old baby boy would cry every …

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