Monday , July 24 2017

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10 Best Anti-aging Oils for Younger Looking Skin

Share this on WhatsAppWrinkles, sagging skin and enlarged pores are most often the result of your skin’s decreased oil production. If you want to preserve your skin’s youthful look you must compensate for the lost oils and keep your skin hydrated. For this purpose you can use a variety  of …

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Epsom salt can treat these 10 health problems without medications

Share this on WhatsAppEpsom salt contains magnesium sulfate which is a natural ingredient and have many uses. it is extremely efficient in: Relaxing sore muscles Soothing sprain and muscle pain Detoxification of the human body Stimulation of bone integrity Reducing the risk of diabetes Relieving stress and anxiety Prevention of …

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This delicious banana drink can burn stomach fat instantly!

Share this on WhatsAppBeing one of the most popular fruits throughout the world, bananas are extremely nutritious and delicious. They can be consumed either raw or used in a smoothie. Besides being delicious, bananas provide innumerate health benefits and accelerate the weight loss process! In today’s article, we’re going to …

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7 Foods That Will Not Make You Fat

Share this on WhatsAppIt is often very hard to resist free food in your office, kitchen, bread baskets and the temptation of your parents’s pantry. But remember that not all foods are created equal. There is a way to feel full, minus the feeling like you have overeaten, and without …

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The World’s 5 Best Treks

Share this on WhatsAppThe world’s best treks will challenge you both mentally and physically, however, will expand your view of the world, and will feed your desire to explore the unknown and experience a spectacular journey. They are only for the most adventurous of people. Here are the 5 best. …

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Plane’s near miss endangers 1,000 lives, including Filipinos

Share this on WhatsAppPassengers of a Philippine Airline jet at San Francisco Airport neared catastrophe after an Air Canada aircarft almost landed on the taxiway with four planes awaiting takeoff instead of the runway. The National Transportation Safety Board said the Airbus A320 was cleared to land on runway, but …

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