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Apple iPhone Xs are ALREADY breaking as clumsy users share pics of their shattered phones less than 24 hours after going on sale

DEVASTATED iPhone X users are already posting pictures of their expensive devices SMASHED to pieces – after dropping the gadgets on the floor.

Despite Apple’s much-hyped phone only going on sale less than 24 hours ago, new buyers have been sharing snaps and footage of their destroyed device.

iPhone X buyers are posting snaps of their smashed new gadgets - which went on sale less than 24 hours ago

One viral clip shot somewhere in China shows the owner holding a shattered silver iPhone X in his hand.

While the device appears to be still on, the glass front and back are covered in cracks.

“I think this is a better look, no?” the man says jokingly in the video, adding: “What do you think?”


Another user posted a shocking picture, which has also went viral, showing the new model with a crack in one of the corners.

A viral clip shows a new iPhone X which has been completely shattered

The back and the front of the glass-covered device is covered in cracks

This Apple enthusiast chipped the corner of his expensive new phone after dropping it

The disgruntled buyer captioned the picture: “How much will it cost to fix this?”

Thousands of Apple fanatics around the world have waited outside stores – in some cases overnight and in freezing temperatures – as they hoped to be among the first to get their hands on the iPhone X.

Pictures from Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Singapore and London show excited tech users waiting gleefully to get their hands on the latest must-have gadget.

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The Californian firm unleashed the brand new product at a glittering September ceremony held in its new “spaceship” headquarters.

People queuing outside the Apple Store on Regent Street, London, as the iPhone X goes on-sale in the UK

Customers wait in line for the new iPhone X in New York

iPhone fever has also gripped Berlin, where fans were up bright and early to get their hands on the gadget

Hundreds were gagging to get their hands on the phone in Singapore overnight

The iPhone X was available to order in the US from October 27 and costs $1,000 in the States, which equates to about £750, but is being marketed in the UK at an eye-watering £999.

The tech giant’s chief executive Tim Cook said the latest flagship handset was a milestone for the company a decade after the first iPhone was released.

A big new feature of the iPhone X is a system called “Face ID” that lets you unlock your handset using your face.

Apple claims Face ID can’t be fooled in any way, meaning you won’t be able to get into someone’s phone by scanning a photo of them.

Working staff cheer for the first one who buy the newly released iPhone X at the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing

Freezing temperatures did not scare off Apple fans in Moscow

Customers line up to buy the new iPhone X they reserved online earlier at an Apple Store in Hong Kong

That’s twice the price of the original model that was launched ten years ago.

Another major attraction for the pricey device is an exciting new front-rear 3D camera that can do all sorts of imaginative things with your face.

The facial recognition sensors can animate the emojis you send in messages, meaning your adorable panda picture can actually read out your words and move its lips.

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