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Facebook Gets Rid of Users Who ‘share Too Much’

The Philippines is the leading social media user in the world with Filipinos spending 4 hours and 17 minutes on average per day on social media sites. But this fact makes Filipinos an easy target of fake news websites and clickbait articles.

Facebook, however, recently announced a new policy to counter fly-by-night accounts, spreading rumors and fake information. The social media network said it will start burying posts from people who spam users’ feed updates with such articles.

This means netizens on the social media platform will be seeing less of misinformative, sensationalized, and clickbait articles in their news feeds.

Facebook’s Vice President of Product for News Feed Adam Mosseri said in a statement posted on June 30 that, “By taking steps like this to improve news feed, we’re able to surface more stories that people find informative and reduce the spread of problematic links such as clickbait, sensationalism and misinformation.”

The new policy will only apply to links such as individual articles. Domains, pages, videos, photos, check-ins, or status updates will not be affected by Facebook’s new policy.

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