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iPhone 8 price watch: can you afford it?

Months away from the launch of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 8, this phone brand’s lovers should start to contemplate on whether they want an upgrade or just settle with their current units.

Apple watcher and developer John Gruber said the entry-level version of iPhone 8 could start at $1,200 (Dh4,408 ; P60,600), almost double the price of iPhone 7.

Reports said the iPhone 8 will use OLED, a type of screen technology that uses less power compared to traditional models.

“It sounds to me like the OLED iPhone is a phone which Apple can’t make 40 million of per quarter, at least not today. And if that’s true, that means it should be more expensive,” Gruber said in his blog.

Gruber added the price of a 64-gigabyte iPhone 9 may range from $1,199 (Dh4,404 ; P60,612) to $1,249 (Dh4,587 ; (P63,158), while a 256GB model would start at $1,299 (Dh4,771 ; P65,686) up to $1,399 (Dh5,138 ; P70,730).

The latest Apple unit is expected to be launched later this year, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone model.

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