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[Video] Dog goes viral for standing, walking like a man; draws different reactions

A dog went viral for standing and walking like a man; drawing different reactions from Facebook users.

On Facebook, DOI Clips posted a video and a couple of photos of a dog that stands using its two feet, while using the other two as his hands — acting like humans!

As of posting, the shared items have gotten over 11,000 reactions and 253,ooo shares; while the video has more than 13.5 million views.

Facebook users, however, have different thoughts about the dog’s unusual way of moving.

Some find it adorable.

“I wonder if I can get Choco to do this? He already stands up. Or should I say sit up, his lazy but won’t stand all the way (sic),” BH stated.

“We gone try this with Carter and Benny (sic),” commented RK.

“Too cute, look like a miniature child,” FT said.

“I want one! It’s so cute!” HM stated.

While others feel sad for the dog.

“I’ve been watching the video. It’s not funny. Let him be a four-legged dog,” OS commented.

“This is not! Cute at all. Please Stop being an idiot human, just let dogs be what they are and treat them like they are your good friends. These humans better need to be practiced than the dog,” HO wrote.

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“Behind the cuteness, who knows how pathetic it is to be forced to walk in the wrong nature when I see tears?” expressed KT.

“Not cute and not funny at all,” RV stated.

Here are the photos and video of the dog:

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