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Airport Porter Steals From Passengers’ Luggage

An airport porter has been accused of stealing sunglasses, wristwatch, gold chain and a lighter from a passenger’s luggage while loading it to an outbound plane.

Police officers stationed at the Dubai International Airport’s staff entrance were said to have found the passenger’s belongings in the possession 21-year-old Nepalese porter while he was leaving after his duty in May.

According to records, one of the police officers during the routine search, found the items in the possession of the porter after which he was arrested and referred to the public prosecution.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with abusing his work at the airport and stealing a wristwatch, chain, hand gloves, lighter, sunglasses and some international currency.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

A policeman told prosecutors that they found the stolen items hidden in suspect’s pockets during the routine post-duty search at the airport.

“It is a routine procedure that all porters are searched while leaving after their duty. Upon finding several items in suspect’s possession, he admitted that he stole the items from a passenger’s bag and hid them in his pockets. He also stole some Russian and Egyptian currency. He said that he had stolen the sunglasses 20 days before his arrest. He also admitted that he had stolen three wristwatches, earrings and a phone charger at earlier instances,” the policeman told prosecutors.

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A ruling in the case will be announced on July 27.

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