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Filipina on death row for killing employer appeals sentence

The 28-year-old was given death sentence in May 2015 after she was found guilty of murder.

The lawyer of the Filipina maid who was convicted of killing her male employer in Al Ain has requested for the acquittal of his client after the victim’s two sons failed to appear in court for swearing.

The 28-year-old woman, Jennifer Dalquez, was given the death sentence in May 2015 after the Al Ain Criminal Court of First Instance found her guilty of murder.

The Filipina, however, appealed against the sentence with the help of officials from the Philippines Embassy.

And at previous two hearings, the judge had ordered for two sons of the victim to appear in court and swear before 50 times, in the name of Allah, that Jennifer Dalquez is the only person they know who killed their father and not any other person something that they have failed to do.

In today’s hearing, Dalquez’s lawyer has requested for the acquittal of his client in view of the absence of the legal heirs of the alleged victim and their refusal to swear in the name of Allah that the accused is the only one person responsible for the death of the victim.

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The Judge also asked Dalquez what she would like to request court and she replied that she wants to be acquitted of the murder charge and be allowed to return to her home country.

Official court documents stated that the woman attacked the Emirati man at his home in Al Ain on December 7, 2014.

The Filipina however, denied intentionally killing her boss. She earlier told court that she attacked the man in self-defence because he tried to rape her and that she never meant to hurt or kill him

The verdict will be issued on May 24.

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