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Isabel Granada’s Family to Seek Second Opinion on Actress’ Condition

The family of the actress Isabel Granada, who fell into a critical condition after collapsing, is said to seek a second opinion over the condition of the actress.

On previous reports, the actress Isabel Granada has been in the headlines because of the unexpected incident.

The actress has accordingly fallen into a complicated and in a comatose state after collapsing.

She was even diagnosed to have suffered from a massive bleeding in the head and an Aneurysm and had survived six (6) cardiac arrests.

Last week, the former husband of the actress Jericho Aguas has updated on the previous week about the health condition of the actress.

On his Facebook account is where he has stated, “Isabels heart beat went down from 156 to 98, when mama and hubert arrived and spent time in her room. Thats agood sign. The normal heart beat daw is 60 to 100. God performs Miracles. Continue praying… Malapit na hong magkamalay si isabel .. “Gigising ang anak ko” alam ko yan, Nanay ako… sabi ni mama gwapa paglabas ng room…”

And based on a previous article, it has been reported that the actress has been responding through hand gestures.

Some reports have even stated that the actress doesn’t have to go a brain surgery anymore because of her positive developments.

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And now, according to a report from the Bombo Radyo, based on the latest update of the former partner of the actress, he said, “Bringing a Dr. From Spain is not an option anymore. Mama and her sister in spain now is requesting for another Drs. opinion coping from the cuban hospital here in Qatar instead.”

Ever since the news has bombarded the reports, people have been praying for the fast recovery of the actress.

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