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Man arrested in Dubai for stealing cars worth Dh19m

Several reports had been received about bounced cheques that bore different names

Dubai Police have arrested an Asian who stole cars worth Dh19 million after receiving 55 complaints from victims. The suspect, who posed as a businessman, would deliberately commit the crime on a Thursday – the last day before weekend.

Maj Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander of Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police, said that the police team arrested the accused by laying a trap online.

The man was very covert and careful in dealing with his victims, using cheques with different names, the police found out.

Colonel Saeed Al Qamzi, Deputy Director of the Wanted Department of the Dubai Police General Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department, said that several reports had been received about bounced cheques that bore different names. However, on checking the statements of the informants, it became clear that the accused was one.

The police found out the accused used a similar modus operandi to trap his victims online. The accused made a plan to meet the victims only on Thursdays, after the closing time of the banks. He pretended to be a businessman and wrote a cheque in front of the seller, making them believe that he was completing a successful car deal, without bargaining.

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Colonel Al Qamzi pointed out that he chose the last day of the week so that the seller is unable to verify the bank balance of the accused. He signed the car sale documents and took away the vehicle so that its owner can only file a bounced cheque complaint, not that of a fraud. Till the crime could be detected, the accused would have enough time to sell off the car to another person.

Colonel Al Qamzi said that police team laid a trap online. The unsuspecting accused fell into it and was arrested. He has been transferred to the Public Prosecution for further probe.

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