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Man who stitched up cobra’s mouth gets bitten and dies; now they’re buried side by side

A man in India who wanted to control a ‘cobra’ by stitching up its mouth ended up being bitten by the reptile. He eventually died from the venom and the family killed the cobra, too.

Now, they’re buried side by side in separate graves in Motipur village under Tajpur block in Samastipur district in the state of Bihar.

According to a Gulf News  story, the incident took place last Sunday.

The man, identified as Bhola Sahni, saw the cobra warming itself under the sun and grabbed it by its neck. The snake didn’t move due to the freezing cold.

He then tried to stitch up its mouth using a thread and a needle; hoping to ‘control’ the animal before taking it home.

“He was saying that he would bring it home after stitching its mouth and then keep it under his command by the power of some herbs,” Gulf News quoted one witness as saying.

But as the needle pierced the cobra’s mouth, it jumped out of Bhola’s grip in pain before biting the man’s hand.

Despite what happened, Bhola managed to bring home the snake but eventually succumbed to the venom from the bite. He reportedly died while being taken to the nearby hospital.

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The victim’s kin killed the cobra too after what happened. Then they buried the snake next to Bhola’s grave.

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