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Married Teacher Caught In Candlelit Room Waiting To Have Sex With Pupil

A married teacher was caught by police as she allegedly waited to have sex with one of her pupils in a candlelit room at her house.

Hunter Day was arrested on Wednesday after the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from parents suggesting she was having an illegal relationship with their son.

The 22-year-old teacher was arrested by investigators at her home in Yukon, Oklahoma, after the complaint made by the under-aged boy’s parents.

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The parents took their son’s cell phone to the Sheriff’s Office, and asked for a forensic review of the phone.

They told investigators they had already been through the phone and discovered text messages and nude photographs, and were concerned Day had already had sex with their son.

During the course of the phone examination, investigators determined Day and the under-aged boy had already had sexual intercourse, and that additional plans had been made to meet at her residence on Wednesday afternoon to have sex again.

With the information of a prearranged meeting being already in place, investigators, using the boy’s cell phone, contacted Day acting as if they were him and asked if the meeting was still on, News 9 reports.

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Once at the residence, investigators sent a text message to Day from the boy’s cell phone, saying: ‘I’m here’.

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Day responded: ‘the doors [sic] unlocked as usual’.

Investigators opened the door and found Day sitting on the living floor with the lights turned off, candles lit, and wearing a T-shirt and workout shorts.

Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff said:

This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust. School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them.

Investigators identified themselves, and told Day why they were there. They said the teacher ‘fully cooperated’, and admitted to having an illegal sexual relationship with the boy. She also admitted to sending ‘bra and panty pics’ and that she had received photos of the boys genitalia.

While this is the first school teacher the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office has arrested for having sex with a student, their Internet Crimes Against Children unit has arrested many other people working in positions of public trust, including members of law enforcement, fire fighters, and even the clergy.

West added:

I’m no longer surprised by the people who commit these crimes, because predators come from all walks of life.

The school Day taught at issued a statement which they posted on Twitter.

Within the statement it said:

This behaviour was representative of a very poor decision by a person entrusted with teaching our students.

The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority.

Day was taken into custody and transported to the Canadian County jail, where she was booked on the charges of Rape in the Second Degree, Possession of Child Pornography, and Soliciting Sex From a Minor Using Technology.

Her bond was set at $85,000 dollars.

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