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Mother, daughter force three teens into prostitution in Dubai

An Iraqi housewife and her mother – currently at large – have been charged with human trafficking and blackmailing three teens into travelling from Iraq, and exploiting them through prostitution.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 31-year-old housewife and her 64-year-old runaway mother exploited the teens, who were then aged between 15 and 17, in the sex trade.

The two women had brought the three victims from their home country on forged passports in which they lied about their real ages.

One of the three victims said she was forced to travel here under threats in 2013.

“The defendants also forced my sister into prostitution, who had been deported. The first accused used to send my photos, in which I appeared scantily dressed, to customers on WhatsApp”.

Another victim said she was made to travel after the runaway mother’s friend threatened to have her 12-year-old sister raped in Iraq.

“I was tricked into signing papers in their villa in Dubai for visa purposes. But I discovered later it was my marriage contract to a Syrian man”.

The Syrian man, who is the 31-year-old accused’s friend, would transport the victims from the villa to another villa in Abu Dhabi or to hotels there to meet customers, the victims revealed.

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The case unfolded after one of the victims escaped to Sharjah. She wandered in the streets for three days before a Palestinian woman took her to the police.

“The 31-year-old defendant would force me to work for free. I asked her to sell me to other people but she refused,” that victim told the prosecutor.

A police major said the Human Trafficking section of the Dubai police received a complaint from one of the victims on May 19.

“She came to Al Rashidiyah police station and complained against the first accused that she prostituted her. She had run away from her parents’ home in Iraq and then met someone who introduced her to the second defendant. The latter offered her work in the flesh trade in UAE for her daughter, the first accused”.

When the police raided the villa in Al Khawaneej, where the defendants were keeping the victims, they found Dh104,000 in addition to several other amounts in different currencies.

The victims were referred to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

The trial has been adjourned to November 28.

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