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People Are Taking The ‘Glitter Boob’ Trend To A Ridiculous New Level

If you thought the glitter boob trend that has dominated the festival season was more than enough, then you were wrong.

Things have now been taken to an even more ridiculous new level and we love it!

The trend has now evolved into glitter bodies with people smothering their whole torsos in glitz, ensuring you’ll be able to see them sparkling from miles away.

Daring party-goers have really been experimenting with the glitter body, doing everything from creating sleeves of glitter or, in the most extreme cases, a glue on glitzy bodysuit.

And it’s not just festivals you will see these glitter addicts strutting around at as the trend has been spotted at parties, Pride parades and pools everywhere.

UNILAD spoke to Holly from Go Get Glitter, a specialist body face and body art company, about the glitter trend.

She said:

The glitter trend really appeared out of nowhere but glitter has always been popular.

I remember wearing glitter as a child, with face painting, on my nails or even smearing a bit on my eyelids!

I think as the festival craze has got even bigger it’s picked up alongside.. the two come hand in hand really!

People also really are becoming more accepting in regards to people expressing themselves and glitter is a fun and unique way to do this.

I also think it’s extremely sexy… and who doesn’t want to see someone wearing a full mermaid glitter catsuit!? I definitely do!

Holly also told us about what her favourite glitter trend is and how she thinks it is empowering women.

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She said:

It has got to be glitter clothes! I think it’s amazing how people can look and feel fully clothed when actually all they have on is glitter!

It encourages people to stand out from the crowd and embrace their bodies in a confident empowering way!

People have such opinionated views on nudity and how girls can and can’t dress and it really tests the limits.

For us, what is most important is to show people that what we do is art… it isn’t just to get your ‘assets’ out but to use the body as a canvas and create new trends!

The whole thing seems to have started with the ‘glitter boob trend’ that has now been spotted far and wide at various festivals including Glastonbury and (of course) Coachella.

The trend saw festival-goers adorning their busts, and now bodies, with everything from gold dust, gems, mirrored studs and, of course, a shit tonne of glitter.

Holly told us that the majority of the looks are easy to recreate at home using glue and glitz or glitter kits that companies, such as Go Get Glitter, sell.

On the downside, I’m sure they’ll still be finding glitter in their bed sheets for the next decade let alone year!

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What on earth will people do with glitter next? We can’t wait to find out!

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