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Cristiano Ronaldo Furious After Finding Out Sister’s Sex Secret

You know that awful feeling when one of your friends mischievously reveals they’ve been at it in your bed? Well imagine your sister saying it!

Cristiano Ronaldo was left furious after finding out his sister Katia Aveiro and poker player Claudio Coelho had regular sex in his bed.

The Real Madrid lothario lost his shit when he found out, 29-year-old Coelho revealed all about their antics.

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Speaking on Portuguese reality show Casa dos Segredos, Coelho said:

It is normal for Cristiano not to like other people occupying his personal space.

I understand him fully. But the problem is that his sister has little judgment, despite being almost 40-years-old.

So it was her fault! Coelho didn’t want anything to do with it, right?

When they visited the Geres area of Portugal, the couple kicked off their six-month romance in his bed as well.

He said:

Katia and I were visiting the Geres area, and spent the weekend at Ronaldo’s house.

That was where we slept together for the first time.

It seems Ronaldo has a bit of a temper, regularly falling out with Katia, once because she appeared on a reality TV show in Spain.

Despite the illicit bed sharing, Katia maintained she and her brother have a good relationship.

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If I was Ronaldo’s sibling, I would take any opportunity to knock him down a few pegs.

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