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Teenage Girl Dies While Doing This Very Common Practice During Bath Time

The generation nowadays could not seem to function without their gadgets and mobile phones attached to their hands, they use it 24/7 and could not seem to detach on social media.

They even bring their phones inside the bathroom while taking a shower, some to play music while others play games to kill time. But one incident in Mexico will surely make you think twice of bringing your phones again in the bathroom.

Madison Coe did what she normally does in a fateful Saturday evening; she took a bath in her father’s home in New Mexico and brought her phone with her. She was in the middle of soaking in the bath tub when her father, Logan Coe knocked and said it’s time to get out already.

Madison responded, however, she still hadn’t come out 20 minutes after her father’s first warning.

Mr. Coe knocked again on the bathroom but heard no response from Madison. When they decided to forcedly open the door, they found Madison’s unresponsive body in the tub.

Near Madison was her mobile phone plugged in an outlet on the wall. Being an EMT, Mr. Coe tried to revive her teenage daughter and rushed her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Madison was declared dead on arrival.

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Her mother, Angela O’Guinn-Downs speculated that her daughter might have died of electrocution as they found her phone in the bathtub and saw some burn marks on her hand.

But Madison’s cause of death have not been confirmed and still waiting for the autopsy result. But signs of electrocution are consistent.

Her stepmother, Felisha Owens said that Madison usually take her phone in the bathtub to play games but sadly, the tragedy made her realize that it’s very dangerous to do so. Felisha added, “The bathroom is a place for showers and personal time and your phones don’t belong in the bathroom. Electricity and water do not mix. All it takes is a drop.”

The unfortunate incident pushed the family to share Madison’s fate to spread awareness and warn others of the dangers of the common practice of bringing phone inside the bathroom. They hope that Madison’s death will serve as a lesson to all not to bathe with your phones.

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