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These Two Kids Use Themselves as Bait to Catch Huge Snakes Just to Earn Money

During the age 7 to 8 years old, we mostly spend our time playing toys with our siblings and friends. At the same time, we also enjoy some time outside playing sports and other physical games. Nowadays, gadgets and TV are favorite past time of children in this age group.

However, not all children get the luxury of this kind of entertainment. In many third world countries, some kids are forced to use their tiny and young bodies to earn a living due to poverty


Just like these two siblings from Cambodia who are actually risking their lives to help out their family to survive.

Instead of holding toys and running around with friends, this brother and sister tandem are using their bare small hands to catch huge snakes for a living!

Yup, you read that right. They are hunting snakes and sometimes using their bodies as bait to catch the biggest snake they could found which they will eventually sell.

The video below which is now going rounds on social media shows their terrifying job of hunting snakes in the rural Cambodian countryside. And yes, they do this on a daily basis.

This is what poverty does to our children, even the youngest of them all are finding desperate ways to survive even at the cost of their existence.

One Cambodian monark said, “This is a real life of the children in Cambodia at the countrysides. They sometimes catch the snake to make food, or they sell them to other people to get money.”

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