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Three-Year-Old’s ‘Sick’ Comment During Breastfeeding Goes Viral

A viral video of a breastfeeding mother has caused outrage after reemerging online, with observers dubbing the woman’s actions ‘sick’ after her young son made some unusual comments.

The footage has been circulating on Facebook, racking up nearly 2 million views, of  Tasha Maile breastfeeding, days after the mum-of-three went on ITV‘s This Morningand defended her right to have sex while breastfeeding her children.

You an watch the controversial interview in the clip below:

Tasha is now under fire again for a video that was taken from her YouTube channel and posted to Facebook alongside a false caption claiming she was breastfeeding a six-year-old.

Her son, Josiah, who was actually just three when this footage was filmed last year, looks to camera and says: “It’s good to breastfeed and kiss. Yesterday… we is pretending you’s my girlfriend and I was your boyfriend and I kissed you.”

You can watch the original video courtesy of YouTube channel, Spiritual Tasha Mama, below:

The mother’s eyes widen at her son’s innocent and childish comments and she smiles as she dubs them ‘so cute’. Others disagree.

Jennifer Begley-Byrd was so upset and disturbed by the video she claimed she is ‘going to send this over to the Philadelphia FBI…because this is just not normal behavior for children that are his age and im sure this is more along the lines of a form of pedophilia [sic]’.

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John Macho Cassaro chimed in: “That damn kid is old enough to drive to the store and get his own milk. If you can’t realize that this bitch has psychological issues and is looking for attention then you’re naive as hell. [sic]”

Three Year Olds Sick Comment During Breastfeeding Goes Viral 62509UNILAD imageoptim Breastfeeding six year old webYouTube/Spiritual Tasha Mama

Despite the ongoing backlash, there are plenty of people who came to Tasha’s defence.

Christine Murray writes:


Breastfeeding isnt sexual. Breasts arent sexual organs and they have NOTHING to do with pleasing men. The fact so many of you interpret this sexually is what is wrong with this world.My one 1/2 year old will nurse until she sees fit…if thats until age 6, so be it. [sic]

Three Year Olds Sick Comment During Breastfeeding Goes Viral Capture 5Facebook/Hayder k.i.f

The video was posted by Hayder k.i.f over a year ago, and has been watched 1.9 million times – and counting. Shockingly, for a post so old, the footage is being still being commented on by angry Internet Detectives at the time of writing.

Although breastfeeding is a perfectly natural, and healthy thing – and breasts are not inherently sexual organs, but givers of life and sustenance to future generations – some people still can’t seem to separate sex and showing your child familial love by feeding them so they don’t die.

Yes, this woman does seem to have a more permissive attitude to sex and breastfeeding than most, but I’m not sure it’s really a matter to worry the FBI over.

Three Year Olds Sick Comment During Breastfeeding Goes Viral Tasha 1Spiritual Tasha Mama

And as a three-year-old, the child wouldn’t understand the semantics of sex with which adults approach words like ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’. Kids say weird shit all the time.

So perhaps we should stop holding youngsters to the same verbal standards as adults with sexually active imaginations.

Meanwhile, the heated debate centred around breastfeeding shows no signs of slowing down, for some unfathomable reason beyond what we all learned in biology class.

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