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Woman picks up phone left by teen who jumped off bridge; refuses to return it to family

A woman in China refused to hand back the cellphone of a young man who ended his life by jumping off a bridge in Yichang, Hubei province.

A Shanghaiist story said the 17-year-old leaped to his death from the bridge railing Friday last month. He left his phone on the pavement before taking his life.

The incident has been captured on a security camera nearby. A copy of the CCTV recovered later showed a woman picking up the teen’s phone minutes after he jumped.

The grieving sister, however, wanted the phone back as it may hold some clues as to why her brother took his own life.

She tried desperately calling the number until someone finally answered on Sunday, presumably the woman. The sister demanded that her brother’s phone be returned to them.

However, the person on the other end insisted she found the phone discarded on the road and abruptly cut the call.

Days later, the woman called the sister back and demanded money from the family in exchange for the return of the phone, to which the latter said they are willing to pay anything.

But the woman changed her mind and said it would cause her too much trouble returning the phone so she decided to keep it for herself.

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Since then the phone has been turned off and the family was unable to call the number.

Watch video of the incident from Miaopai:

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