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Woman Receives Death Threats After P*ssing On The American Flag

A woman has uploaded a video of herself urinating on the American flag as her fellow citizens celebrated 4th July, and piss has hit the flag, as they say – oh wait.

Emily Lance, from Philadelphia, was filmed as she urinated on to a flag submerged in her toilet using some sort of device that allows women to pee standing up.

In the video, which she uploaded to her Facebook page but has since deleted, she wrote: “F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag.”

Of course, there was a reaction straight away and it’s gone viral with people calling her disrespectful to the nation and the flag.

Her following posts still remain however, calling people ‘pussies’ and telling people to ‘shut the fuck up’.

You ok hun?

Things have escalated too far now though with people supposedly sending her death threats and targeting her dad’s place of work.

She posted to say her dad ‘respects the flag’ and that her family didn’t agree with her ‘shenanigans’.

While most of the comments were under the now-deleted video, there is talk all over social media, comments on her posts and across Twitter.

One user, said what Emily did was ‘gross’ and the flag was a ‘symbol of those who died’, others called her out on ‘attention seeking’ behaviour, and some told her to ‘leave’ the country if she hates it that much.

Tell Emily peeing on video is gross. Not just a symbol but a symbol of those who have died for her right to piss on the US Flag. 


Pissing on the country’s flag was always going to be a bad idea, Emily – but death threats are never ok.

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