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Work Ban in Afternoon Hours in Saudi Arabia – 2017

Most of the laborers working in Saudi Arabia are expatriates. These laborers are usually working at construction sites in the Kingdom. It is really hard and beyond the human capacity to work on these sites directly under the sun in summer season. Government has come up with a law that prohibits the companies from allowing their employees to work under the sun from the noon till 3:00 pm in the summer season.

The rule is applicable from 01st June till 15th Sept. Any company which violates the rule will be penalized heavily. All citizens can report the violation at 920001173. Last year Ministry banned more than 280 firms which violated the rules.

This ban on midday work is imposed for betterment of labors. The official statement issued by Ministry of Labor explains the situation and has officially stated that this amendment in work hours is done because of serious concerns about health and safety of the workers. Changes in the conditions of climate and summer being this much hot can put the workers to greater risks, if they continue to work in sun. The officials say that the Ministry is working sincerely and efforts are made in order to provide the workers a secure working environment, an environment safe from hazards. These precautions will save the workers from work related injuries, accidents at work and diseases due to working environment.  It will also increase the working capacity of workers and level of production will ultimately rise.

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The Ministry of Labor must be appreciated for the strict enforcement of this labor friendly law. It is a good gesture that shows how state authorities value the expatriates working in The Kingdom. The Ministry of Labor has clearly stated that the enterprises and the individuals found violating this law will be dealt with ironic hands. If violation of ban against labors work during midday sun is seen, heavy sanctions and pecuniary punishments will be imposed on violators. Closure of the establishments for a period of 30 days can be imposed in addition with the penalty of fine up to 10,000 SR.

It is important to know that this ban does not include the workers who are working in fields of maintenance or with the oil and gas companies however the companies are supposed to ensure necessary safety measures for those who are working in this boiling heat. Ministry has also arranged to advertise this law by all means so that there will be no violation. It is important to know that the Ministry of Labor has also created a special hotline and anyone who notices violation of this law can directly report the situation to the state authorities over the call.

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