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Wow! Two Muslim women risk lives to save Christians from Maute militants

  • She bravely confronted them, said they could harm workers only over her dead body
  • The other woman, a social worker, helped Christian refugees travel 15 hours to Iligan City
  • 2 Muslim women hailed as heroes for helping save Christians from Maute group
  • One of the women, a gun store owner, stood between employees and gunmen

Two Maranao Muslim women are being hailed as heroes for helping save Christians from the Maute group despite the risk to their own lives.

One of the women, a gun store owner named Farida, saved the lives of her 13 workers after gunmen who ransacked her store in Basak Malutlut questioned her about their religion.

“The confrontation was really eye to eye, which indicated the seriousness of the message and the personal resolve that Ma’am Farida was showing ,” Cris, a Bisaya and employee of the store, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Cris said his boss told the gunmen they would have to kill her first before they can take him and his co-workers away.

“You have to kill me first before you can even touch them!” he recalled her telling them.

After that harrowing episode, Cris said Farida took them, his co-workers and their families to a relative’s house in Bangon where they were fetched and brought by her uncle to their family home in Padian.

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After four more employees from Farida’s gun store in Banggolo and their families showed up, the group then crossed the lake to Binidayan before traveling to Iligan.

The other heroine, a social worker named Zaynab, also put her safety on the line helping 20 Christian refugees flee from the Maute group.

Despite being a diabetic, Zaynab went without food for 15 hours helping her group navigate through Malabang to avoid the long traffic en route to Iligan.

“I never minded the danger. I was prepared to die first before they (terrorists) could harm the Christians,” she said.

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